All FAQ about Hungry Shark Evolution

  1. How do you get new Sharks on Hungry Shark Evolution?

Ans: Firstly, you need to earn 500,000 points by killing the sharks & then you have to go to the store & purchase the Gems or Coins.

2. What is Gulper in Hungry Shark Evolution?

Ans: Gulper is a fish in the game.

3. Do sharks eat blobfish?

Ans: Yes sharks do eat the blobfish. But blobfishes eats the crabs, lobsters & even sea urchins.

4. Do blobfish lay eggs?

Ans: Yes blobfish can lay thousands of eggs at once, they can grow upto 30cm, can live as long as 130 years.

5. When did Hungry Shark Evolution come out?

Ans: It was firstly released by the Future Games of London in 2012 but then it was published by UBI soft in 2013

6. How to get to the Store in Hungry Shark Evolution?

Ans: Go to the Home screen, select the “evolve” & then select the shark you would like to customize & then start playing.

7. Which is the best Shark in the game?

Ans: Robo shark is the best shark in the game.

8. Can we play hungry shark offline?

Ans: Yes you can play Hungry Shark evolution without wifi.

9. Is this Mod Apk or Hungry Shark World Cheats?

Ans: Yes you can easily download it from here.

10. Can it run on PC?

Ans: Yes, it can run on PC easily.