Download Hungry Shark Evolution 2020 Mod APK (Unlimited Gems & Coins)

Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK

Hungry Shark Evolution
Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark Evolution is the Shark based game, that was released by the most popular gaming company name “Future Games of London”, this game was officially released on 5th of May 2016.

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In this game, the player has to play as a shark that eats the other fishes to get some treasurers & goes under the water & swim & search for its PREY to hunt it down. By killing the other fishes & getting the treasure there are some achievements/targets in the game that gets unlocked when you achieve them. There are some dangerous fishes also available in the water that could also harm you are JELLY FISHES. Once someone starts playing this game gets addictive to it, because it’s very entertaining & fun to play the game.

Most of people don’t like to spend the money on applications & games. So, for them, in this application, there are some in-app purchases in the Hungry Shark World Game, but this game is fully free to download.

Although this is another game in the Hungry Shark series. The purpose of this game is to eat the shark as much as you can to be able to obtain the high points to unlock the new stages, in this case, you might be able to generate the points  & coins. You have to eat the sharks as much as you can & to develop the potent. This game is really getting much attention in kids as well as in the youngsters, this is one game that gets you to stick to the game.

Hungry Shark Evolution Free Features

The player can easily win free Gems & Coins by eating a lot of other fishes.

  1. Hungry Shark Unlimited Coins
  2. Coins

Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK Requirements

This is the latest version of this game name that was officially updated on last month, this version is The game was developed by Ubisoft, the APP size is 130 MB, the feature of this APP is this that it’s official & available to download on

DeveloperUbi Soft
APP Size100 MB
Mod App Size130 MB
Latest Update10 August 2019

How to Download Hungry Shark in your Device

  • First of all, open your device.
  • Then Download the Hungry Shark Evolution game from the link above.
  • Once it’s downloaded, uninstall if you have any previous version of this game.
  • Then move to the folder where you have the downloaded file of the game.
  • Install it to your device.
  • You can also download it from Ubisoft website
  • After downloading it, don’t open it, because it won’t run.
  • After this, navigate to the folder of Hungry Shark, & look for the OBB File.
  • Copy the OBB File & open Android/OBB Folder.
  • Now go to the folder & extract the files in com.ubisoft.hungrysharkworld folder.
  • Now run the game & enjoy playing it.

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Hungry Shark Evolution Mod Version

There are some additional features/effects in this game that comes with this version, but without mod version, you have to wait & pass the missions & get those features of the game unlocked are:

  1. Jetpack
  2. Laser Beam
  3. Baseball Cap
  4. Gems
  5. Punk Wig
  6. Bonus
  7. Everyday Rush

We will help you out from the Hungry Shark Evolution 2020

(i) Jetpack

In this game, Jetpack is the additional feature/effect, in which the #shark you are playing with jumps very high to the warm water & into the skies. You will be able to unlock the jetpack feature after completing the 50 missions of the game. You can also avail the jetpack by investing the gems & you can get unlimited gems with the help of this mod version.

(ii) Laser Beam

This effect in the game has the feature of capturing & stunning the prey. You require almost 75k of coins in order to avail of this feature in the game or you must pass the 50 missions of the game but the fast way of using this feature is by Mod.

This feature is very much helpful in capturing the prey. Once this feature is enabled it causes the prey to be stunned, paralyzed & also cause them to emit a reddish color for some seconds.

(iii) Baseball Cap

This is a very good & helping feature that helps a lot in capturing the prey in the game, you can avail this feature from the accessory store by giving about 250-300 coins or can be avail by the mod version. In this feature, there appears a cap on the head of the shark, in which you are granted 5 percent of extra points every time you hunts down some prey.

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(iv) Punk Wig

This feature helps to increase the length of the GOLD rushes, this feature can be adopted by investing 1000 coins.

(v) Gems

Gems are the main feature of this game, by the help of Gems you can get the following:

  1. Sharks
  2. Items
  3. Baby Sharks
  4. & other accessories

Gems also help to revive your own shark if it’s injured, It’s suggested by the game to produce the Gems with the shark as compared to the Coins. You can generate the gems by the following methods:

  • By eating the small planes.
  • By watching any advertisement.
  • By destroying the fishing boats.
  • By consuming the Harpoon Boats.
  • Through Day bonuses.
  • Login via social accounts eg Facebook.
  • Or by spending the money you can buy the GEMS.

(vi) Yellow Rush

This feature helps you to make your shark invincible for some time. It will also make the enemies turn into golden creatures that deliver the coins.

Whereas, the Golden rush will occur when the Gold meter is loaded.

(vii) Everyday Bonus

This is a reward that you normally get on the base of your performance in the game.

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Hungry Shark Evolution Features

1100 % Output
2Swift Procedure
4Feasible for all Devices
5Free of Cost
  • Hungry Shark Evolution is getting very much attention among youngsters nowadays due to its challenges & features. It is getting more & more famous day by day on its Facebook page as well as on other social platforms. As we know that it’s not free to download it, but you can easily download the APK of this game & start enjoying it. The updated version of this game is also available in which all the names of the sharks have been updated except the Megalodon & Dunleosteus.
  • The main shark in this game is the Big White shark, with which you can be able to play when you unlock the different stages & missions of the game. This is all about sharks, there are about 7 types of sharks available in this game.
  • This game has a 3D graphics with amazing quality, as there are many other creatures available in this game that comes with there own abilities the plus features of it is that you get jetpack, headphones & umbrella with the shark you are playing with.
  • After installing the Hungry Shark APK in your device, you can avail of the unlimited coins & gems available in the shop of the game.
  • The latest version of Hungry shark is having some whales, baby sharks, octopus & eagles too. The main purpose of this game is to eat the other fishes quickly. There are about 20 types of missions in this game you have to unlock

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Hungry Shark Evolution F.A.Q

  1. How did Shark Evolve?

Ans. In the Sustain Period, the sharks started developing as a unique species. The first ancestor fish name was Acanthodian. All the sharks living today have been evolved from that fish.

2. Is it easy to run this game on PC?

Ans. Yes, it can be played on PC, just download it & install it on your PC & enjoy it.

3. When did Hungry Shark Evolution Come out?

Ans. Basically this game was released by the Future Games of London in 2012, then it was officially published VIA Ubisoft.

4. Who created the Hungry Shark Evolution?

Ans. This game by created by Future Games of London & published by UBI Soft.

5. When was Hungry Shark Evolution Created?

Ans. This game was created on 4th May 2016.


We recommend to Download the Hungry Shark game from this website because its free of cost & allows the user to get the unlimited gems & coins.